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if you want you can do mini in time texts XD just throwing the characters in. didnt anyone else read that fan fic? Here is a link


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“Shall we go at 9 o’clock?” “Yes that’d be perfect.” “I wonder if Louis will be there.” “I’m almost sure of it.” “Shall we ask Christine to go?” “Perhaps…” “She always says no.” “She’s a bit odd.”

The chattering voices of the corps de ballet reached Christine’s ears with ease, much to their ignorance. She was seated upon the ground in the wings, just out of sight resting her aching legs. They had been standing for hours and though rehearsal had finally ended, she was exhausted. It was usual for the other choir members to go out to the cafes and lounge around the darkened city, often drinking spirits or some other mood altering substance. Christine never went. Even in her days at the conservatory, she had stayed at home where she belonged. 

Tonight was no different….somewhat. Things had changed from before. She no longer felt alone. Everywhere she went even, she felt watched. She knew….he was there. Christine stood, feeling her muscles scream but not caring and began to walk along the curtains backstage. The theater was emptying quickly, and silence was settling in. She cast her eyes to the rafters above, searching for any sign of movement but seeing none. She hurried quickly back to her dressing room, just in case. A part of her was hoping there would be a lesson tonight.

It had been another long night for the dancers. Erik watched from his box five, glancing down at his Christine, who danced along, knowing she served to please him. He smiled to himself before slipping out into the shadows. He would have to beat her back to the dressing room. He raced through his hidden passages where he came into the walls seconds before she entered the room itself. 

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